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last updated: February 2014
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Aktionsgruppe "RingCon-
(in)offizielle Campagne

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This website remains as an archive only!

General info

Dear friends of J.R.R. Tolkien and Middle-Earth, fans of the movie "The Lord of the Rings", attendees of Ring*Con (Ringconnies) and members of the Tolkien-related forums!
Mae govannen!

On this website, we'd like to provide a service for Ring*Con's attendees. It's a list sorted by numbers of all those who attended the convention. After scientific congresses, they often distribute a list for all the participants to stay in touch, so we thought this would be a great idea for Ring*Con too.


Hundreds and more Tolkien fans are expected, and it surely will be difficult to keep track of all the people you meet and want to keep contact with. Our goal is to draw up a list sorted by numbers (as complete as possible, including pics of the attendees) to ease your task (this should also give you a hand to find your seat according to the Seating plan). We'd also like to get pictures of the Con, as we want to put up a gallery (not least to indulge in reminiscences after the event ;-))


This website is not meant as a kind of forum, but it should be a home port for all those who aren't registered users of one of the Tolkien-related forums. We don't want to compete with the Official Ring*Con website, it should just be understood as a completion. It goes without saying that this is only a fan-project, we are not making money of it. And of course, we'll do our best to keep senders of unsolicited advertising, promotional materials and bulk mails away. That's why the list is password-protected.


The registration in this list is of course entirely optional, nobody should feel forced to provide his/her e-mail address, personal photo etc. The list as it is has been made from the various lists of the different Tolkien-related forums where the members agreed to the exchange of e-mail addresses. We hope that a lot of attendees will join us in order to complete the list. You are kindly invited to participate!

Best regards, ARCTIC


This list of Ring*Con attendees (referred to as Ringconnies) was run by ARCTIC, abbr. for Aktionsgruppe "RingCon-Teilnehmerliste" (in)offizielle Campagne (Project "Attendees List" (un)official campaign).
Rubinie, Andri, atair77, Jandrim, Tolkienist, kylwalda.
We'd like to thank Paladin for her help.

We'd like to thank everybody who contributed texts and pics for the gallery and RingConnie Times:
móka, Aset, Mithi, ArwenGreenleaf, aditu, Néniel, Baumbart1, LadyJessica, Ian Smith, poison&wife, aditu_peredhel, TarTelperien, Adailoé, Gil Gania, Fozzer, Noruiloth, Êm Nímíle êt Êarwen, Neniel Tindómerel, Atisha, Mortica, Pippin Tuk, Eldhwen, Gil Estil, Sameda, Elbereth, Tawariel
and all those who collected the quotations!

© 2002 by ARCTIC

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